The Founder

Mr. Waman Pawar

Mr. Waman Pawar started his business operation with a clear vision in his mind. Initially Mr. Pawar started off as a clerical staff at Voltas Ltd.

At the age of 35, in the year 1984, to achieve his business dreams, he started his business operation in a small scale in the proprietorship of M/s Vaishali Transport, which is his wife name “Mrs. Vaishali Waman Pawar”.

Owning a single vehicle and providing it to the companies, Mr. Pawar slowly and gradually added 2 to 3 owned vehicles. Apart from working at Voltas Ltd, he managed his business operation after the working hours till late nights.

At times during the period of recession, the industry business had slowed down, which had also impacted the business operating in terms of sustainability, but due to his rigorous efforts and commitment towards the clients, Mr. Pawar had always gained the trust by providing them prompt services, his commitment at work has gained the trust amongst his client.

In the year 2005, Mr. Pawar has opted out for Voluntary retirement from Voltas Ltd, and started looking at his transportation business in a full swing, adding more clients to his clientele list. After this it was no looking back for Mr. Pawar.

His efforts put in the business and the skills to drive people had made him reach at this peak of his business front.